It's the day that some parents wait for since two days after school gets out: first day of school. The summer has been long and hot and if you have one child or six, those days were probably longer and hotter than it was for me. Don't get me wrong, I KNOW you love your children. But be honest with me for one second... At one point of another during this summer I'm sure you muttered the phrase "I can't wait till school starts."

The last few weeks have been spent at Target and Walmart paying what could be in the hundreds for school supplies and the coolest back-to-school clothes. I can't even count the numerous meltdowns I witnessed in the folder and binder isles. No one wants to be the kid with the ugly folder, duh! And don't even get me started on pencils and erasers!

I remember spending ungodly amounts of time in clothing stores, specially as I got older, trying to find the perfect wardrobe for school. I'm surprised my Mom didn't ring my neck. Looking back, she should have. I was a snot. But then again I wanted to be 'cool'. Whatever that means haha!

So, to all you parents out there today who are tired from getting everyone put together last night and was up early to make sure lunches and breakfast was ready... I salute you! Your kid could be the next doctor to kind a cure for cancer or be the president of the United States of America. You matter Mom and Dad, so keep up the good work!