Update: Ariana's tweeted what is most likely lyrics to "Be Alright"...is it safe to assume we'll hear the full version any day now?

Way back in June of last year, Ariana Grande teased a House-y sounding uptempo track called "Be Alright" on her Snapchat (@moonlightbae).

Now, half a year later, the song has resurfaced on Ari's Snapchat.

"Don't you worry 'bout a thing, boy we'll be alright!" she lovingly reinforces above a pulsating club beat in the preview.

So, second single? Perhaps — or perhaps just a teaser for her upcoming third studio album, which may or may not still be called Moonlight.

Thanks to the super-sleuth Arianators on the Ariana Wiki, we know that Ariana teased a photo of a whiteboard on her Snapchat days ago with some song titles featured in what looks like a tracklist, the first of which being — wait for it! — "Be Alright."

Ari herself also promised that "Be Alright" is coming soon. "I promise 🌙," she wrote to an eager fan.

Check out the original snippets from last June below. You feeling Ari's newest sound?

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