Unseasonably warm weather this week means you might be looking for something to do that's not outside in the heat. Movies are a great option, with that ice-cold theater air conditioning, comfy seats and a refreshing, oversized soda to wash down a bucket of delicious, salty, buttery popcorn.

The Hollywood movie machine has been coming back to post-COVID life, with new releases "A Quiet Place Part II" and "Cruella" raking in around $100 million over Memorial Day weekend. Both feature films are now showing on AMC screens in Billings. If you're looking for other options, you have some great choices.

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Enjoy classics at the Babcock Theater.

The historic Babcock downtown has been showing classic movies for the last year, and they're continuing to bring some movie favorites back to the big screen. On Thursday, June 3rd you can watch the first "Jurassic Park." "Shrek" is showing June 11 - 13th and on Sunday, June 6th they'll have "Saving Private Ryan", a movie arguable seen best in the theater. Don't forget, you can get REAL butter at the Babcock.

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Catch a Nazi documentary at Art House Cinema.

The term "Nazi" gets tossed around pretty loosely nowadays. "Final Account" is a critically acclaimed documentary that interviews the last living children of Nazi Germany. The synopsis describes the film as,

An urgent portrait of the last living generation of Hitler`s Third Reich in never-before-seen interviews raising vital questions about authority, conformity, national identity, and their own roles in the greatest human crimes in history.

You can find showtimes for the Art House Cinema and Babcock Theater HERE.

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Take your movie-going fun outdoors.

Firefly Outdoor Movie Company is hosting Movies in the Park again this summer. The first date is Friday, June 4th with the movie "Scoob" filling the outdoor screen at Pioneer Park. You can find all the dates/locations on their Facebook page.

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The Amusement Park Drive-In Theater near Laurel has been open for about a month, with movies on Friday and Saturday nights. They usually have a "kid" movie on one screen and a more grown-up movie on screen two. Their Facebook page should have updated info on what's showing this weekend (not updated as of publication time 6/2).

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