I'm assuming that the U.S. has NOT become more refined when we were not paying attention...more than anything, reality TV shows us that America has become less sophisticated than ever. Still, this list seems to say otherwise.

A webpage known as 24/7 Wall Street analyzed sales of beer and learned that there are 9 beers that have gone down dramatically in sales over the past 7 years. Here are the beers that America simply doesn't want to drink any longer.


1.  Michelob Light, down 70%.

2.  Budweiser Select, down 62%.

3.  Milwaukee's Best, down 59%.

4.  Miller Genuine Draft, down 56%.

5.  Old Milwaukee, down 54%.

6.  Milwaukee's Best Light, down 40%.  (Apparently the word "Milwaukee" in the name of your beer is just sales POISON these days.)

7.  Heineken Light, down 37%.

8.  BUDWEISER, down 29%.

9.  Labatt Blue, down 28%.