Cinco de Mayo is kind of like St Patrick's Day for a lot of us. You don't have to be Irish to enjoy a Guiness and corned beef and you sure as heck don't have to be Mexican to enjoy tacos! Seriously, who doesn't love a good taco? Hard or soft shell, chicken, beef, shrimp or fish tacos...this simple, or sometimes complex, food item is loved by nearly everyone. Even a bad taco is usually pretty good.

Tacos are generally inexpensive. They are filling and delicious. I love making them at home with soft corn shells, seasoned ground beef and my special cabbage & pineapple slaw. Super good. The great thing about tacos is that you can have them anyway you want.

Montana is not known as a haven for fantastic Mexican food (as transplants from southwestern states like to mention every time you try to talk about Mexican food in Montana), but when I need tacos in my belly, here are a few of my favorite picks around Billings:

  • Guadalajara. We usually go to the recently remodeled Laurel location, but the Billings location is good, too. Their service and food quality have been consistently good every visit. Make sure you get one of their house margaritas on the rocks. So good.
  • Taco Treat. I know, I know. The classic, soft corn shell, beef taco from Taco Treat is probably the least "authentic" taco in town, but I love them. Nothing fancy about these tacos. Meat, shredded lettuce, a pile of American cheese and that's about it. I douse mine in their house hot sauce and scarf down the taco lunch plate in about 5 minutes. It comes with two tacos, but I always add a third.
  • Sarah's. This small, downtown restaurant is considered by many to be one of the most authentic Mexican places in Billings. Fresh ingredients, family recipes and locally owned, make sure you hit up Sarah's next time you're in the mood for a taco.
  • Jake's. What? A steakhouse for tacos? Have I lost my mind? No. I have not. But you might just lose yours when you try the fish tacos at Jake's. They are to die for. I could eat them every day.
  • Taco Bell & Taco John's. No taco snobbery from me. I'll be almost as happy eating a cheap taco as I am eating a finer taco. I give a slight edge to Taco John's over Taco Bell because TOTS.  Nobody can beat TJ's tots.

Make sure to pick up a six pack of cold Corona (the beer, not the pandemic) and some limes on your way home today.

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