You may remember last summer, when a casting call was put out for extras for a "zombie movie." People from all over Montana made the trip to Anaconda to be part of the "90's boy band zombie western." Even our very own Aaron "Tallest DJ" Traylor went to be a part of it. Little did we know that his scene in the movie would be one of Rolling Stone's "12 Most WTF Moments from Dead 7."

According to Rolling Stone, Aaron's scene landed at number 2. The villain of the movie is played by former MAD TV star Debra Wilson. She plays the role of "Apocalypta," who is gathering an army of un-dead. Aaron Traylor plays one of her minions and is spotted getting a little "tongue" action with Apocalypta.

Jenna Scherer of Rolling Stone writes "Slathered in quasi-tribal makeup, she roars incoherently at her minions in what may or may not be a Jamaican accent. Who can say? Her hobbies include randomly cutting the fingers off her own henchmen and licking blood off the decaying faces of zombies. (That lucky zombie was our buddy Aaron.)

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