In the last 48 hours two children have been hit by cars. A 12-year-old boy in the Heights and a Billings West High School student. Both are expected to be okay and although it doesn't look like these are more than just accidents, it is a reminder to all of us drivers need to slow down, be alert and stay OFF our cell phone. Do you think you are invincible or that the people you might hit are?

Just today when I was walking down to Rocket Wraps and waiting on the corner of 27th St and 1st, there was a woman taking her time pulling forward to see if it was clear to turn right on red. Well, Mr. Impatience and clearly oh so important, who was behind her, was honking and hollering curse words out his window at her... so much so, I could hear all of it across the street. I'm sorry but CHILL THE F OUT! You turned the corner only seconds before you would have anyway. There was no need for you to peel out around the corner and pass her going at least 40 MPH in the downtown area OR ANYWHERE for that matter.

Impatience, speed and not knowing your surroundings will end up leading to an accident or hopefully a big ticket from a cop or worse.. someone getting killed.