Okay... small rant. Just a warning!

I love fresh produce and organic if it's not super expensive and I really enjoy when things like broccoli are pre-cut and packaged so I can just pour half into a pot and go. Call me lazy... I call it convenient. However, I've noticed that the grocery shopping options that provide all of those things are slim.

I tried shopping at Lucky's Market for a while but I found my options were limited and that my grocery bill was a little higher than normal. Although, if we are doing steaks then I will go there to buy the premium stuff.  For whatever reason I can't seem to get into Albertson's. I don't know if it's the yellow and blue tags or just that I never shopped there growing up but I'm just not a fan. I have recently began shopping at Walmart because lets be honest, they have a lot of options and everything is all in one place for a great price, but I know a lot of people hate that big box stores come into town and then send smaller businesses into bankruptcy.

I'm personally a HUGE fan of Trader Joe's. Have you ever shopped at one? They are AH-MA-ZING! Perfect portions, awesome prices, organic and a lot of pre-cut veggies and fruits. Once you shop there, you might not ever go back! I think Billings could totally support a Trader Joe's.. maybe even two!

Okay, end rant!