My love for food doesn't stop at the door to restaurants. In fact, food trucks are secretly my favorite! I think they're cute, usually have amazing food and it's much quicker than eating anywhere else.  Plus, the prices are always reasonable! Billings has a pretty great lineup when it comes to food trucks but adding one to family is a great idea.

Welcome, Noodles O'Brien. The food truck features all kinds of... you guessed it, noodle dishes! Choose from drunken noodles, Thai style noodles, cheesy noodles, Greek noodles and more! If you want to catch them for lunch today, they'll be parked at the YMCA from 11-2pm. Can't make it today? It's all good, here is the whole schedule:

Tuesday -  Cherry Tree Inn 11a-2p
Wednesday - Cherry Tree Inn 11a-2p
Thursday - YMCA 11a-2p
Friday - Thirsty Street Brewery 5p-8p
Saturday -  Thirsty Street Brewery 5p-8p