My favorite entertainment store is closing! So many memories working there in the late 90's. I worked at Hastings for 3 years, even help moved the store from 24th street location to what was known as the West Park Plaza on Grand Ave.

I started at the bottom of the totem pole as a Customer Service Associate and ended as a Sidelines Manager. I departed from Hastings around the turn of the century.

Tim Chamberlain, TSM

I talked to Lori, the General Manager at the time, whom started from the beginning till the end. Lori said that the Billings Hastings was always making money for the Entertainment chain of over 120 stores. The Billings store even had a major remodel earlier this year just in time to close its doors a few months later. Hastings filed for bankruptcy, then tried to find a buyer, and eventually decided to liquidate all their assets. Happy shopping!!

Lori says the Billings store will stay open until all merchandise is sold. Right now most items are 20 to 30% off store wide. If you have local music there, you still have time to go pick it up.

One of the best things I got out of working at Hastings was the friendship between co-workers. During my time we definitely had the most fun! We even created the Hastings Drinking Team T-shirts with our nicknames on them. I was of course the 'Asian Persuasion'.

I am sure there are a lot of folks out there in which there first job was at Hastings. As a person that worked there and as a customer too, I will definitely miss the Hastings Crew and happiness it brought all of us of Billings with our Entertainment needs.

Thanks to Lori and the crew for making our lives fulfilled with Entertainment. We will miss you Hastings!