What a bummer!  Not that all games were cancelled, but both of my boy's games were.  My oldest son(Staley's 11-12 majors) had to go all the way to Hardin to play tonight(he rode with one of his coaches).  With all of the storms going on, they ended up cancelling not long after they arrived.

Not before they got to witness the ugliness of that first storm that rolled through there though.  They had some pretty wicked hail that came down and tons of wind.  My son said he thought there was going to be a tornado! Yuck!

My youngest son's(Reule Builders,7 yr. old coach pitch) game was cancelled...you guessed  it.  Right after we got to the baseball field at Bitteroot.  This is a pretty typical move, but frustrating all the same.  We turned back around and headed home.  Sad face here.

Hopefully their games later this week have a bit better weather.  I was all set to see some action!  I had my sunflower seeds and everything!

I did get to see a beautiful rainbow when we got home though.  So, at least there's that! Here's to great weather and more baseball to come!