This is pretty dang exciting! Billings, MT has been named one of the top four cities in the country and today it could be in the FINAL TWO! But, you have to get on and vote right now! The criteria was based on great towns to be outdoors. This included trails, public lands, thriving restaurants and neighborhoods and of course, BEER! I know I'm new in town, but I'm going to have to agree Billings could easily win this whole contest based on those things alone!

The semifinals are over today (5/19) and we are up against Ludington, MI and the other two options, which are against each other, are Seattle, WA and Jackson, WY. The categories started as: Ocean, Culture, Mountains and River. Billings is under the River category. You guys... where the heck is Ludington? Well, they are ahead in votes and if we are going to win, we must vote!

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