You being in the audience helps each band member reach their full potential on stage and off. The presence of family and friends at their local show means a lot more than you realize.

Most musicians that go the extra mile to hone their skills past elementary and high school band, by far, need you to come to their shows because they are bringing their passion to the stage.  A stage that doesn't automatically bring the whole family including grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, mom, dad, brothers and sisters, like the Christmas programs at school .

Any band can play on a stage, but playing to an empty bar or club really sucks. How do you fill a bar with humans that don't really know your music or you? You have to start somewhere. Go talk to friends and family in person. It's too easy for your friends and family to scroll past concert announcements on facebook or other social media platform.

As far as local bands with original music, yes the bar is even higher and farther to reach. I talked to a friend the other day, that hasn't been to any local shows, but is saving up money to go to a concert at the Metra. He doesn't go to local shows because he doesn't know the music or the people. Well, bummer, how can I change that?

Get out there and walk the streets like musicians did back in the day. There is nothing more powerful than a conversation about your music and shows. At this time those humans you reached to get your message out about your music will be more apt to listen to your music and come see you play. Social media works in some ways, but how do you reach all of your peeps that don't have internet or a smart phone for that matter, but you want them at your show, too. Back in the day musicians passed out flyers and hung them up everywhere, bootlegging cassette tapes out of the trunk of their vehicles. I ain't scared, I still own a cassette player.

Go see a local band at a show in Billings, they might just become your favorite band and you might buy there cd and some merchandise, too. That is how you help local bands get to the top. The big bands that you see coming through Billings used to be a local band at the beginning of their career, also.

The band in the picture is 'The Vigilantes' performing at the Railyard, a local psychedelic blues based jam band.

There is a huge variety of bands and musicians in Billings, many of them have great music to be heard.  Get out there Billings, you never know, the local band or musician you go see that one time, just might propel them into the big time, just because you came to their show. Happy listening Billings!!!