I love my sunglasses!!! I have had these Oakley Gascan shades for over 8 years. When I misplace them, I am not normal until I find them. They are definitely a part of my daily well-being. My shades are one of those items to me that are just as important as my wallet, keys to the vehicle, Social Security Card, and maybe my Netflix password.

I lost my shades at work or somewhere and I started my journey to find them. Checked the car, checked the bathroom, searched through the studio, went home and checked the bedroom, the living room, the garbage twice, re-checked the car and my clothes pockets. I went 2 whole weeks without finding my shades. I was a nervous wreck. The value of the these $160 shades has risen to extreme personal sentimental value because I got them for Christmas from by Brother and the fact that I have had them over 8 years makes a big difference. One day I dropped my keys on the floor in the car, had to get out of the car to reach them underneath the drivers seat, surprisingly enough, I find both my keys and my sunglasses. What a miracle!  I know i looked under that seat a dozen times. My Oakley's seemed to have appeared out of thin air, nonetheless, I was extremely happy to find my shades.

Have you ever lost that one item that you treasure so much that you will lose your mind if you can't find it? This happens to me quite often. I am pretty good at retracing my steps, but sometimes you have to stop and take ten deep breaths to calm your nerves. It works. Try it.

Some people tell me to buy cheaper sunglasses, so that when you misplace them, you won't lose any sleep over them. I like my Oakley's. They are not the most expensive shades, or the cheapest, but they are mine.

What items have you misplaced that turned your life upside down? Let me know!!