Below is the news story of a couple convicted, here in Billings, of running a prostitution business. But first, thoughts for Jenn, because we all know you want to hear them LOL!

First of all, prostitution is GROSS.  Anyone who pays for sex should go to jail. Anyone who runs a business supporting both of those things should be in jail, too.  Anyone who sells themselves for sex should get counseling.  Paying for false satisfaction will only last you so long and then you're going to need more. It's a form of addiction, both sexually and mentally. It's one thing (still gross) if you chose to sell your own body and then keep the money. It's a completely different level of disgusting if you own a business that makes a profit off of your employee's selling themselves to multiple men and women. AHHH! I digress. Okay, here's the story:

KCTR Local News - The Billings couple convicted of running an erotic massage parlor will spend 13 months in prison, in spite of what they called their immaculately clean, tax-paying prostitution business, where consenting adults practiced safe sex.The Chief U.S. District Judge rejected a defense request for probation, ordering 52-year-old Gregory McFarland and his wife, 62-year-old “Suzie” McFarland to prison for pleading guilty in August to interstate promotion of prostitution and money laundering.

The judge said anything less would deter no one from running illegal prostitution businesses.The couple admitted to offering sexual services at the Far West Sauna and Shangri-La Spa and Sauna in Billings. The McFarland's agreed to criminal forfeiture of nearly $1.2 million as prostitution proceeds in connection with the money laundering count, and civil forfeiture of nearly one half million dollars more. Payments on the civil forfeiture will be credited toward the criminal judgment.