What is wrong with that bird? It's just sitting there on that leafless branch, making these honking sounds like someone pounding on there car horn cause the light is still green and you haven't moved yet. As I look around, sure enough there is a cat spying on that little bird. Why doesn't the bird just fly away you ask? Because the bird is watching over its baby chicks that are in a nest one tree over. No wonder it is so noisy around my house.

As a soundman, I seem to think I have pretty good hearing. The birds must know this. There are three birds nest in the trees around my house and of course each of them has a few baby chicks chirping away, waiting for momma to bring home the bacon, worms or other types of food. The only time they stop chirping is when they are getting their beaks stuffed with goodies, then its back to the same high pitched squeaks. If you listen carefully there are a lot of birds around us.

The most impressive sounds were coming from the little black birds, however, there were white birds, red birds, and yellow birds all in the same area chirping away, almost like sitting in the cafeteria waiting for sloppy joes. I wonder what they are saying. Maybe, they are talking about me and my funny red shoes, who knows?!

There really isn't much you can do if you want peace and quite. A person could sound proof your house or change out your windows to more sound proof windows. I can tell the windows at my house are not the best, in fact they are probably the original windows from which the house was built. Luckily the birds are loud enough to cancel out the crazy noises coming from my next door neighbor. I will take loud birds over an obnoxious neighbor any day. Go talk to a bird, you never no what you might learn.