I had the privilege of speaking with Cheslon about his music career. What a humble and extremely smart dude. I have been following him since I saw him perform with the rock band 'The Farthest Edge' at the Railyard a few years back. Ever since then, I have been watching his progress and what an amazing start with a whole lifetime ahead of him.

Cheslon is going by the stage name "Chez", once known to Billings as Prodiga1, it changed for simplicity reasons and because he has been nicknamed "Chez" his whole life. Chez is inspired  by his faith in God and the support of his fans. All avenues of life have been an extreme challenge for him; from owning his own business, to pouring his heart out on stage for his fans. His inspiration stems from a plethora of things from faith to family and other musicians.

Chez represents IVOVI and the Poetic Intelligence. Main characters, including Stormy Knight, Jamz Dean, Floyd Simmons, and their producer Jon Barnea/SIXPOINTPROS just to name a few. IVOVI is the name that represents their movement which when googled will be the only thing you find. IVOVI Look it up!!!

Chez just dropped his second album "Kings & Queens" following his first album, "Tell Me Something I Don't Know". The first Official Video of the cd, 'King & Queens', is called 'Overnight'. Anything can happen if you keep doing what your doing, keep going and stay focused, you never know, something might just happen Overnight.

Tim Chamberlain, Townsquaremedia

Chez is an extremely busy man, with his own business, music career, and family. It's amazing that he manages his time with everything going on.

Chez is on his way to join:

  1. Baby Bash June 25th
  2. Bone Thugs N Harmony July 1,2,3
  3. Dej Loaf July 8th.

Billings first Romero, Chan Romero, brought to the world the "Hippy Hippy Shake" in 1959. Chez says that music just runs in the family. Chez didn't get much music help from his Famous Uncle, as Chez has his own path to follow and his whole family, friends, and faith to guide him along this musical journey.

Chez has many fans and inspiring artists that follow him and the main thing he wants is for inspiring artists is to do your homework.  Find the knowledge of the musicians before you and hone your own skills to make yourself unique. Follow your passion and you will make it far, maybe even overnight.

I got my copy of Kings & Queens for $10 and autographed. Keep an eye on Chez, as he is fixin' to become a household name in Billings and Beyond!