As a first time home buyer and especially one who is custom building, I was told to not attend the Parade of Homes because it's like wedding dress shopping. Once you have got the dress then you stop looking! Well, our amazing real estate agent, Christy Fenno, gave us a pair of tickets and so with that, me and the hubs went! Spoiler alert... You can definitely attend the Parade of Homes and not get house envy.

My husband and I only went to 8 of the 12 homes but I can honestly say that these homes were not better or cuter than the one we're building. Obviously that is my bias and opinion but the homes on the tour (most) were all in the ball park of 5,000 sq ft and just so blah. I'm sure the craftsman ship and all the other stuff is something to be praised but for most people in Billings, these homes were a bit over budget. Again, I can't speak for anyone else's pocketbook but I know that it was for us!

Don't get me wrong, they were gorgeous homes, but I like something a little smaller and a little more inviting. Homey I guess is a good word to use. I like some character and sense of warmth. I'm a big fan of ship-lap and cottage. These homes were incredibly modern and so so SO large. I would be afraid to be alone in one!! To each their own, but just saying!

There were a few however that were large but still tastefully decorated and still had a homey feel. The smallest was a townhouse in Josephine Crossing but the decor packed a punch! I think I would live in that although I would need to get rid of a lot of things in my garage! All in all, totally worth a drive around town to see what these builders have been spending months on! For details and info click here.