I love fishing the Bitterroot area, but I'll be one of the first to say there aren't a lot of bass in that area. Maybe in the lakes but not in the river, or streams which is the majority of Bitterroot fishing. 

The intentions were good, but I don't think these folks quite understand fishing and for those of us that are fishers, especially fly fishers I can see this being an issue.

The Ravalli County Tourism Business Improvement District is the group that has been improving the promotion for tourism in the Bitterroot.

The billboard wasn't easy to get but the design is what is in question. As you see there is a man who is obviously fly fishing, but there is a lure on the end and then a bass?

Now I love bass fishing but that is not the premier fishing in the Bitterroot nor that of Montana.

Finding out that not a single person on the board is a fisher, and the designer obviously was not.

In their defense someone not from here may not think twice about it.