When it comes to the Super Bowl, most people are just hoping for a competitive game. I am at least! I do not want a blow out like the last time Denver was in it. 

But from the way the money is moving in Vegas, we could be heading toward a blowout.

The Carolina Panthers have become the clear favorites for the NFL championship game against the Broncos. When the sports books started taking bets on the game, Carolina was favored by 3.5 points. Because so much money came in on the Panthers, the sports books have had to move that line to 5.5 points. And, we still have more than a week to go until kickoff.

One Vegas insider said he can’t remember a more one-sided Super Bowl when it comes to the money flowing in. So far, it's been 80/20 in favor of Carolina.

Do the wise guys know something? If so, we might be in for a boring game. (ESPN)



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