So, I'm wearing a flannel shirt today. It's not a complete button down so you can tell it was made for a girl to wear... I guess it's more like a flannel tunic. So, I walk past my co-worker Kat's desk. She comments how cute my flannel is (thank you) and then asks me if it's a 'boyfriend' shirt. Say what? I stopped and asked what that was. I know what 'boyfriend' jeans are but I haven't heard shirts been put into the boyfriend category unless you know you stay the night at your boyfriends house and then you wear his shirt. Thus you are literally wearing your boyfriends shirt.

(Photo: Amazon)

Kat brought up a search on Google and sure enough, thousand of retailers are selling flannels, plaid button downs and such and classifying them are 'boyfriend' shirts. Yes, I get it. But can't girl clothes just be girl clothes? I wouldn't call myself a crazy feminist buttttt why can't girls wear flannel and have it just be flannel. Why must it be our boyfriends flannel? I might never know but I do know one thing, I can't keep up with the fashion industry!