To say that Britney Spears fans have been put through the emotional ringer with the "Make Me" music video saga is an understatement. And yet, somehow, we keep getting new versions of this damn thing — and no, it's still not the first, semi-leaked, ultimately scrapped David LaChapelle-directed version.

Godney giveth, and Godney taketh away.

After our collective cries of agony and our fan petitions, the Holy Spearit is trolling us now. Officially. And this time, it's via her mobile game, Britney Spears: American Dream, with this "exclusive, special" version of the "Make Me" video.

This particular version of the officially released "Make Me" video contains solely the dance sequences from the Randee St. Nicholas-directed soft lens version. (Y'know, the one where she's auditioning the men to make her oooh in between applying copious layers of Eos lip balm.)

That's still not quite as exciting or fan demanded as a dungeon full of half-naked dudes. But hey, there are plenty of extended hair flips, butt shimmies, floor gyrations and Vegasney showgirl hand flicks to enjoy without her dancer besties giggling and clapping all over the track. And that G-Eazy moment. And purple lighting!

Watch the alternate version of the new version of the "Make Me" video on the Britney Spears: American Dream app, or in the low quality rip up top (didja get that?) until she decides to add it to her VEVO. But she might not. It's her prerogative.

Also, buy Glory.

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