The Denver Broncos may be underdogs going into their Super Bowl match-up with the Carolina Panthers, but they believe they've already scored a big advantage.

Since Denver has been designated the home team, they have the first choice in which uniform to wear and they've chosen to do battle in their white uniforms. And though uniform color shouldn't really matter, Broncos General Manager John Elway believes it does. I guess he tells the team's website, "We've had some Super Bowl success in our white uniforms, and we're looking forward to wearing them again."

Elway is referring to his Super Bowl 33 win over the Atlanta Falcons in which the Broncos wore white. However, the year before that, the Broncos wore their blue and orange uniforms when they beat the Packers in the Super Bowl. But in their disastrous loss to the Seattle Seahawks two years ago, they wore their orange uniforms and Elway is hoping Peyton Manning will have a better game in white.

Lots of sports have superstitions and tactics when it comes to uniforms. Carolina is favored to win so Denver may need all the help they can get.

Even though they beat the Patriots in their Orange ones...


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