Burt Reynolds and those who love cars paid their respects to the late Burt Reynolds by  rolling up in style in at the classic four wheel ride that him made famous. Reports say thousands of people showed up at Long Island's Motor Mania car show today at Eisenhower Park, which had a ceremonial parade of 100 Pontiac Firebird Trans Ams in his honor. They called it the "100-Trans Am Salute." Many of the drivers  paid homage to Burt Reynolds by going all out and dressing like the Burt/Bandit ... and rocking his super iconic stache. Lets be real... best stache ever. Ever.

Burt was a big part of my family. My mom and aunts and even my grandma loved him very much. In fact I have the cosmo pic of him all hairy and naked in my office. I got it from my grandma. Sounds weird I know, but it is not. We love Burt. Don't worry my coworkers are aware he is there haha. My cousin and I, who is also my best friend in the world, took a Burt pic out for an adventure with us in Colorado a few years ago. Everywhere we went we had to do the "Burt".  We went to concerts. the mountains. downtown Denver, and many more places that only the pics can explain!Great to see that he went out in such style.