Thinking about purchasing a firearm for your lady?  Or ladies, maybe you are thinking about buying your own.  You're not alone here in Yellowstone County.  We are one of the most heavily armed counties in the nation.

I do own a gun. As a single woman, I think it's empowering and reassuring to have it around.  The Well Armed Woman has a list of survival stories that are reason enough.  10 Things Women Should Consider Before buying a firearm was a good place to start.

1.  How It Feels

2.  Ease Of Use

3.  The Time Commitment

4.  Where You'll Practice

5.  The Cost Of Ammunition

6.  Storing versus Carrying

7.  New versus Used

8.  Reliability in a Crisis

9.  Self-Defense Laws In Your State

10.  Permits

Concealed Weapons Permit, would encourage anyone interested to start with a class.