Friday I had an amazing experience with Byo-Safe! I was looking forward to them coming out and spraying my house. You don't realize just how many germs and mold and other things that can make you sick are around your house. As they began to spray my house they were giving me the stats and explaining what they were spraying for. For example they sprayed inside of my air conditioner and furnace so it would circulate in the vents therefor making the air clean. That was really important to me because my boy friend has asthma pretty bad and he said within minutes he could feel a difference in his breathing. I have three dogs and I asked if it was safe for them and it absolutely is! They whole crew was absolutely amazing and I feel so much better in my home knowing that it is safe and we are now germ free! Here are some pictures from the spray and some more details about Byo-Safe! This a wonderful thing to have done in your home or in your office. Check them out on line as well! (Link is at the bottom)


We, at Byo-Safe Environment, offer a 3-step process that provides 100% surface coverage in the elimination of health threatening pathogens (mold, mildew, bacteria & viruses), as well as creates a barrier to seal and prevent


Byo-Safe Environment utilizes state-of-the-art technology in electrostatic spraying. This process ensures 100% surface coverage with wrap-around technology.

Our systems and products can easily be used in homes or business environments.

Because our products are color-less, odor-less, biodegradable, non-toxic and contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), Byo-Safe Environment is beneficial for every environment. Our system can safely be utilized in: homes, hospitals, restaurants, schools, daycare facilities, hotels, vehicles, airlines, gyms, and virtually anywhere else.

The Byo-Safe Environment spray will prevent
cross contamination, thus hindering the evolution of super viruses and potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in medical bills.