I'm sorry if this blog offends you, or am I? No, I am not.

I honestly can't believe how many things offend nearly everyone. It's disgusting to me anymore. No one can do anything without some crybaby saying they are offended by what that person has done.

Have we really become a nation of babies? I swear our forefathers would flip in their graves if they saw what this nation has become.

Don't believe me? Check this out.

A Maine high school teacher is complaining that she was forced to remove a small pink Christmas tree festooned with the character Hello Kitty from her classroom.

Catherine Gordon is a math teacher at Bangor High School. She wrote on her Facebook page that "everything offends everyone all the time" and that it "just sucks the joy out of everything."

The news of the pink tree's removal took off on social media Monday. Even Republican congressman Bruce Poliquin weighed in, saying the school went too far in ordering the tree's removal.

By no means am I am fan, nor will I ever be a fan of Hello Kitty. That's not the point. The point is that some joke of a person decided they didn't like that character and thought they would enforce their "I'm a crybaby and I'm offended" crap to make someone else do something just because they couldn't deal with their own inner self.

Really? Get a life. There is always going to be something that will offend someone. It's called dealing with your thoughts and feelings and respecting others for their choices whether you like them or not.