I have been fly fishing for 4 years and have done it quite a bit in that time. I have never caught a sucker fish.

It was crazy because I thought I had a huge Brown Trout on or a Bull Trout maybe. I was bent for most of the fight. Now that I see the fish though I know why, they are made up of a lot of bone and muscle. Heavy fish. Didn't even fit in my net.

I was using a Jumping Jack Flash and San Juan Worm set up for the nymphing rig. I still don't know how I caught him. He gave me a good ten minute fight in the water and then I was finally able to tire him out and get his head and body above water a bit to glide him into the net.

He looks prehistoric in a way and are caught I just never have. The mouth is interesting to check out, it's a sucker with a ridge like surface.

I was in Rock Creek and actually had a lot of hits on the what I imagine was my San Juan worm. The fishing is about to heat up!

Charene Herrera TSM

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