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Stabbing In Downtown and Headless Body Found
I've constantly heard that Billings is a safe place to live and raise children but between the two recent news stories below, an insane increase in car thefts/break ins and even stuff being stolen in my own neighborhood I am starting to think it's…
Free Dental Clinic This Friday
If you are in need of some free dental work then make sure to mark your calendar for THIS Friday, November 17th.
From 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. the following 8 locations will be offering your choice for one free service (filling, extraction, cleaning):
Thomas Smile Designs
1501 14th St W, Ste 215
Haslam …
MSU Offers More Free Education
KBUL Newsroom - The Montana University System expects to offer tuition waivers and scholarships worth more than $48 million to more than 3,600 students statewide. The dollar amount has grown nearly $8 million in the last five years. MSU is the largest and fastest growing campus in Montana, and award…
8 Places Vets Eat For Free In Billings for Veterans Day
Veterans Day is a day that honors all the men and women who have past served and who currently serve in the military. These men and women have given all of us a chance to live in a country that is free and full of opportunity. And what better a way to say thank you than a full belly for FREE...
Where To Vote In Billings Today
Bad news y'all... This election requires you to mail or drop off your ballot. By this point in time you can't mail it because it obviously won't be reached in time.  HOWEVER if you are like me and completely forgot to put it in the mailbox, fear not - there is a drop off location…
Billings Home Depot Catches on Fire
KBUL Newsroom -
The Billings Gazette reports that a fire broke out at Home Depot Sunday night, causing an estimated $50,000 in damages to the store’s outdoor garden center, according to Billings Fire Department officials. The fire was reported at 11:36 p...
Deadly Opioids Hit Billings
*News story below*
{Opinion} Such a sad addiction... I am personally glad that President Trump is calling for a health emergency/ crisis in America because of these drugs. I just recently read that over 100 deaths a day, here in America, are caused by opioid overdoses...
Horses Die in Billings Fire
This was right over by my house! Makes me so sad to know a couple of horses died :(
KBUL Newsroom - reports that at least one horse died Wednesday at a Billings South Side fire, which jumped a fork in the Yellowstone River to ignite brush on the other side, while the main blaze was predomina…

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