Charene Herrera

Do You Have Phone Pinky
First there was text neck, and now there’s phone pinky. Yep, apparently the way we hold our phones is causing our pinky fingers to bend.
Twitter users have been taking pics of their bent little fingers, and blaming it on their phones...
Labyrinth Sequel In the Works
The David Bowie fantasy flick Labyrinth is getting a reboot. Lisa Henson of the Henson Co. will produce and Guardians of the Galaxy co-writer Nicole Perlman will pen the script. The original, which also starred Jennifer Connelly, came out in 1986.
Who is Represented Better? Steelers or Seahawks
Well the first actual playoff weekend is upon us, my Steelers squeaked by into the regular round. I couldn't be more excited but at the same time just this pit is in my stomach as the Steelers are heavily injured going into this game. If we win it will be by the grace of God...
What David Bowie Meant to Me
It's never easy when you lose someone you admire, music is such a big part of culture and our lives. Today was one of the hardest days. David Bowie lost his 18 month battle with cancer.

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