Okay, y'all. Time to get mushy. This Sunday, July 24th, I will have been married to my husband, Spenser, for six years. I don't know about you, but time flies. I can think back to all of things that we have done in the last six years and wonder how we crammed that all into that short amount of time. I would think most couples accomplish most of what we have in like 20 years!

We have actually been together for nine years if you count our time dating and time engaged. That's almost a whole decade. It seems that he has been in my life forever. All of my most cherished moments and favorite things have been spent with him. He has been sewn into my family and life for so long that I just feel like we've known each other since we were little or something!

I know that six years isn't a lot compared to some, but it can seem like forever someday's! I wouldn't lie and say that its been rainbows and unicorns this whole time. We have experience tremendous highs like graduating from college together, moving to Seattle and getting big kid careers, moving here to Billings to continue that pursuit. We've watched all of our friends get married and have babies (some are even on their 3rd)! We have also experienced low valleys like the deaths of family members. We have grieved with friends who have lost unborn children. We have traveled all over the world together and made memories with family that are priceless.

The man I call my husband is selfless, gracious, passionate, driven, fierce, motivated, kind, diligent, creative, a leader. He has integrity far beyond most guys his age and did I mention he's hot?! We don't have babes yet, but when we do, I know he will be the best father on planet earth. I am so grateful that God sent this man directly to me and for me only. Life without my companion would be boring and I would not be challenged to be a better version of myself. Some people don't think marriage is for them or treat it more like a roommate situation. WHY settle for that kind of marriage? Jump off the deep end. Live life more fully. I have and I will never regret it.

Happy 6 years, babe! Lets shoot for 60 more!