Chris Brown's own love misadventures have ranged from violent (according to his ex Rihanna) to riddled with infidelity accusations amid his intermittent arrests (aka his entire relationship with Karrueche Tran). But that didn't stop the singer from adding to the garbage pile of social media posts trashing 20-year-old singer Kehlani for yet-to-be-proven transgressions in her own private life, as he also claimed she faked her recent suicide attempt for attention.

TMZ reported that Kehlani was placed on psychiatric hold on Monday evening after experiencing fallout from a now-deleted Instagram photo that her ex-boyfriend, rapper-singer PartyNextDoor, posted of the two holding hands in bed. The photo prompted many to decide Kehlani had been unfaithful to her new boyfriend of several months, Cleveland Cavaliers player Kyrie Irving, and those thousands of people unleashed a stream of punishing tweets and Instagram comments eviscerating the singer. Kehlani has denied cheating, and Kyrie has not commented at all. But wholly unrelated party Chris Brown has!

In a string of Tweets posted late Thursday night and early Friday morning, Brown opened with some boilerplate "women cheat too, and this somehow makes men's infidelity okay" messaging, which is fairly unsurprising coming from an accused cheater.

"Girls be mad at a n---a for f---ing around wit bitches but her DMs got more names then the Declaration of Independence. ," he wrote. Wow, you've really given us something to think about, Chr—just kidding.

Then he speculated on the Grammy nominee's bedroom habits with an unnamed partner, presumably PartyNextDoor.

Chris also championed Kehlani's most recent ex Kyrie, because Kyrie's a "good guy," and this should ostensibly be all the reason anyone needs for this field day on a woman he dated for a few months. The "why can't women be good to a nice guy?" question's been trotted out a lot in the public conversation about Kehlani's alleged infidelity. Setting aside the fact that Kyrie may very well be a lovely person, the "women have no right to do [anything other than what the nice guy expects] to a nice guy" trope is historically problematic.

But ultimately, Brown's most tone-deaf comment came at 11:41PM on Tuesday (March 29), when he decreed that Kehlani's mental anguish was faked and she was "flexing for the gram."

Dismissing any other human's hospitalization is dicey business, particularly when you have no firsthand information on their inner emotional life and the facts of the surrounding events. Yet, confident that he knows exactly what's going on, Chris seems to take comfort in the fact that she'll suffer...or her seating options at NBA games will suffer, rather.

After all, Chris Brown knows what *truly* matters in life: Followers, mentions, and maintaining a symbiotic relationship with Perez Hilton.