Chris Pratt is bulked up, ripped to shreds and healthy as a horse...and he's TIRED OF IT!!!

Pratt, who once weighed close to 280 pounds, committed to getting fit for his role in 2012's Zero Dark Thirtyin which he played a Navy SEAL Team 6 operator. Since then, he's mostly — with a few exceptions — remained in Adonis-like shape, but told Stephen Colbert on last night's (September 19) Late Show that he misses being overweight.

He talks a lot about missing being overweight.

"I do! My wife [actress Anna Faris] does too," he said. "She likes to cook, and I don't get to eat as much of her cooking as I used to. Yeah, I miss him."

Still, if you're REPULSED by the sight of seeing Pratt jacked through the roof, have faith that his clean bill of health will eventually lose its sheen.

"He's not gone forever," Pratt said. "He's just on vacation for a couple years, but he's coming back."

Pratt similarly told Men's Health in a July 2015 interview that he's SO SICK of looking and feeling good.

"I can tell that people are motivated by my transformations, and that feels really good,” he said. “But everyone should know when the movie star stuff is over, I might go back to being the fat guy. My wife wants a pizza oven — she’s going to learn how to bake bread, and I’m going to eat it."

He bemoaned appearing sexy or desirable in a May 2015 GQ interview, also:

"I was more fun to be around [before getting fit], probably," he said. "Now I have less fun. I focus more. [Faris] doesn’t get to cook for me the way she used to...I was like a great pet fat guy."

We've all got our crosses to bear. Also help Anna in the kitchen once in awhile, jesus.

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