It looks like one rabid fan did not gotten the memo that Australian artist Troye Sivan is literally a sweet precious angel baby that must be protected an cherished at all costs—or even simply that he's a human being just trying to do his job and deserves enough respect not to be assaulted by a plastic beverage container while at work.

During a live performance at the Enmore Theater in Sydney, Australia back on Wednesday (January 13), the 20-year-old YouTube star and singer was unceremoniously whacked in the face by a plastic water bottle while standing at his microphone onstage. As you can see in the clip below, it seems like two bottles were thrown towards the singer, with one landing a few feet away while the other made contact with Sivan's shocked, sweet little face.

Afterwards, the artist took to his Twitter page to confirm that yes, the bottle did "100% hit [him] in the face":

Thanks to performers' adrenaline, though, Sivan—in high spirits—also added that he "didn't really feel it," and that despite the rude gesture, Sydney was still the "funnest night of [his] life."

Sivan will be on tour in North American throughout February and March, and will then be hitting up Europe in April and May. Maybe for the sake of his beautiful face he ought to consider banning beverage bottles at his shows.

Troye Sivan on "Stuff Fans Say":