I have mixed feelings about giving to homeless people. If we're all honest, most of us are really just a paycheck or two away from financial trouble.  Could happen easily to any of us, loss of gig or medical problems and everybody's tune changes.

The norm is me passing them by. At one point in my life I used to carry a box of granola bars in my truck and hand those out instead of money, was in college and in Phoenix.  If they threw the granola bar back at you, they sucked.  Or just not hungry enough, maybe gluten intolerant!?

Meet Rod. He was on the corner of Grand Avenue and 24th Sunday morning.  He scored money from me.  His creative approach made me smile.  And, I did give him money.  What about this creative homeless guy that takes cards?  He, however, would not get cash from me, why would you hand your credit card to a homeless man?

Dylan Ayer, Townsquare Media