I never have been completely traditional when it comes to holiday decorations. I sometimes like to shake it up a bit and do out-of-the-box decorating. 

There are some great ways to decorate Easter eggs. There are also some really inexpensive ways as well.

Last year, I just went into my art box and found lots of stuff that could be used. I did traditional dye as well but added some major twists.

Charene Herrera TSM

1. Use water colors, cheap and easy.

2. Use traditional dye and then use a paint brush and do polka dots/

3. Use tinfoil and cover it with different color acrylic paint and then wrap the egg in it. You've got an abstract art egg.

4. Glitter. Easy, paint the egg in glue or something to get the glitter to stick and roll it or brush on the glitter.

5. You can use ribbon and wrap it and glue it around a dyed egg.

6. Make a bunny. White egg paint or draw on the bunny face and then glue on the pipe cleaner ears.

7. You can paint lace and then lay it on a paper towel and roll the egg over it and that comes out over the egg.

8. Tissue paper can easily cover an egg with a little glue or something to get it to stick or cut out shapes and put them over egg.