Multiple cities around the country have reported creepy clown sightings. Whether it be in the woods, on the road just walking, chasing people or near play grounds. Cities are being added to this annoying phenomenon almost daily.  And from most reports I've seen, cops are annoyed because I'm sure being called to a clown sighting is the least important thing on their list of things to be called to. In other words, waste of time.

Luckily for Billings, there aren't much 'wooded' areas and my number one thought on why no one should try this stupid prank: guns. I am willing to bet more than half the population of Billings and surrounding areas are packing heat.  So, if one of these clowns comes running out of no where after me, it wouldn't take me long to decide to shoot them. Chasing me constitutes as fearing for my life (I don't know who's under there) and so I think I would be justified in shooting them. Now, as for the ones that just appear in the woods and then disappear again, can't really hurt them because they aren't hurting me but I'd still be afraid to play such pranks in such a place as here in Billings!