When you are a married couple 'day dates' usually involve meeting up for lunch or grocery shopping at Costco on a Saturday and they usually aren't planned. However, if you are getting to know someone you have feelings for or are dating, the term 'day date' has a whole new meaning.  It can be tough to come up with something fun to do in the middle of the day. Plus, too many 'day dates' can lead to the friend zone and no one wants that!

Dates in the evenings are much easier to plan. Movie, dinner, BBQ, meet up with friends and make out somewhere in their car! You know you did that! All these things you get dolled up for, get a hair cut, and try to be your best version of yourself. Plus, evening dates are romantic. But in the day time you have to get more creative. Lunch, picnics, outdoor actives and for the Montanan- fishing.

Even though these activities are fun, it's tough to be romantic on them. Especially if it's a new relationship, you have to come up with A LOT of conversation. Movies and dinner tend to be the perfect amount time to talk and also be cuddly. Hiking is just you and them and hours of conversation. For me, hiking is awesome because my husband and I can come up with loads of things to talk about but if I think back to when we were first dating, a hike might have been more difficult especially if I decided halfway through that I didn't want to be into him anymore!

All I'm saying is 'day dates' need planning and since I'm new to Billings, what do you enjoy?  Have you planned or been on a day date that worked out great? If so, what is it? I'm asking for a friend. Seriously, I am. She has a new guy coming into town for the weekend so she's trying to plan what to do. Breakfast and dinners are an obvious, but what about that in between time?