I will never forget the first time I saw a Delorean in real life. I was in awe of how cool it looked, not to mention I am a fan of the Back to the Future franchise. The car made famous in the 80's classic movie, has been out of production since 1982. Now, thanks to funding from the government, the DeLorean Motor Company is set to continue building replicas of the classic car design, with modern technology. Start saving your pennies, as the base price for a new DeLorean is $45,000. Still your dream of owning a DeLorean may still come true.

According to KPRC in Houston

"It's fantastic. It is a game-changer for us. We've been wanting this to happen," DeLorean CEO Stephen Wynne said. "That was a green light to go back into production. That was prohibited. It was against the law to do it."

Wynne said the company will build replica 1982 DeLoreans under a low-volume manufacturing bill approved by the federal government. He estimates he has enough supplies in stock to build about 300 cars. He hopes to go from building one a month to one a week.

Wynne hoped to have the first car completed in early 2017.

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