For many Americans, the commercials in the Super Bowl, are sometimes the highlight of the whole event. We have heard in recent news that the iconic 80's cap company, DeLorean, is back to producing cars. Well it must be a real deal, as the company just released their first commercial showcasing the car. They are mostly just picking up where they left off in the 80's, and building cars that are identical to the ones you would have purchased in the Reagan era. With a few modern upgrades, you will look like you just time warped back to 1982.

The commercial is hard to comprehend. The ad appears to show a "lone wolf" in the desert, who happens upon a shiny new DeLorean. The car door opens, and cue the love song. At the end, our "lone wolf" tosses a coin into a canyon. Not sure what the message is, but at least the car looks cool.