Billings is famous! Well, not really but we were on TV so that at means something, right? HGTV has a host of shows about looking for homes, home improvement and even finding homes in far away places but there is one show in particular that I love: Tiny House Hunters. If you don't know what a tiny house is then you need to look them up! Some of the most adorable and stylist homes coming in under 500 sq ft in total. There are even micro-mini homes at like 150 sq ft!! And for the adventurer at heart, you can even get some on wheels so you can take them where you go!

Billings was featured last night on Tiny House Hunters. Here is news story:

KCTR Newsroom - The trend toward living in smaller spaces has become a lifestyle choice and a reality TV obsession.  Living in tiny homes that can be collapsed and moved with the click of a button is one of the fads, and some of those unique spaces are around Billings.  The HGTV series Tiny House Hunters will air tonight at 9 p.m., showing a little bit of the Billings tiny living community and their unique homes, according to Eco-Built Homes Distributor Ben Hahn.  These much smaller homes are compact, Eco-friendly and portable. Hahn says the homes run on 50 AMPS, no propane and are all electrical. The Montana home appearing on the show, is just 307 square feet.  For $40,000, you can have a tiny pad with full-sized appliances found in any home, along with a house you can have for life.  Hahn says the homes can sustain 90-mile per hour winds.