As my husband and I begin the process of building our new house, of course I am consumed with interior design and colors, etc. I have noticed a lot while traveling here that there is this country/rustic/southwest look. You've seen it. The reds and browns with long horn sculls and cowboy ropes. Big 4-poster king sized beds that are solid logs. It basically looks like a dude ranch.

Now, I have never seen the decor in someone's house. I have only seen it in restaurants and hotels and such. But I'm wondering do people actually decorate their homes in said theme. I have absolutely nothing against it, I am just starting to think that everyone in other parts of the country have this idea about how people living in Montana ride horses to work and live in a working ranch, but then you get here and it's just a normal city.  I mean there are gigantic vacation homes that have this... But I mean actually people who live in Montana.


Here are some of the stereotypical decor that I am talking about.


  • 1

    Ranch/ Southwest Bedding

  • 2

    Animal Skull

  • 3

    Oak Everything

  • 4

    Horse Shoe Art

  • 5

    Turquoise and Red