I've had this conversation with so many different people lately and the answers have all been so different.  I know for me, there are weeks that I get to go grocery shopping on Sunday and get the whole week put together so that I have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the house or at work and don't eat out except for maybe Friday or Saturday. But then there are weeks where we don't go grocery shopping on Sunday and then the whole week just goes to hell in a hand basket. We end up scraping lunch together but end up eating Thai food every night. Let me tell you, as much as I love Panang Curry, you shouldn't eat that every night... Not good for weight loss!

I know people who eat out for lunch everyday but then cook at home for dinner. I know people who never eat out. I know people who only eat out. And I know people who eat in all week and then splurge on the weekends. Are any of these you? Take the poll below!