Whether you are heading out of town or having everyone over for Thanksgiving, there are always the thoughts of "what can I bring?" and "what am I going to make?"  The overwhelming pressure to make sure the turkey is just perfect and that you have the right amount of sides for everyone. Let's not even talk about going to the grocery store! I prefer to shop weeks in advance if I can just to avoid the riots haha

So, every year I ask myself "why cook?" Right? Why not just bag the whole thing and go to Cracker Barrel? They can cook and clean it up and it's still yummy and spending time with family... Easier said that done, huh? It wouldn't feel right to me to not have it at a families house with everyone and the family recipes. Will you be shopping? Are you doing the whole dang thing at your house? Or are you going to bag it and go to a restaurant and call it good?