I know that I am new to town and I don't know much yet about the history of when each thing was placed and then developed but from an outsiders perspective 27th Street from I-90 is an interesting drive. From what I understand when you come off the highway, 27th Street is the main entrance for visitor's and tourists to come into downtown Billings. I currently take that exit everyday to get here to the station and for almost four months now I have wondered to myself...'why is the Women's Prison on the main thoroughfare into downtown'?

I am honestly not trying to be mean, but seriously. Is that what we want people to see as they are driving into downtown Billings for the first time? A few rundown houses, the DMV, the Women's Prison and a hotel/casino?  Doesn't paint a very good picture of our gorgeous town! Of course people are going to see the Rims and everything else and be enamored but really..... I'm not joking when I say that people who have come here to see me for the first time have all commented on how the Women's Prison is on the main drag into town. I KNOW haha. Everywhere else I have lived has had the prison's out of town a little ways where it's not easily visible.

Just a thought. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever thought the same thing!