Some of us may remmeber the classic scene from "Seinfeld" where George gets scolded for "double dipping" in the chip dip. Well, a recent study shows that "double dipping" could actually kill you. Well, maybe it isn't as serious as one might think, but it does increase your chances of catching the flu virus.

According to Gizmodo

Tulane University just analyzed 35 years worth of flu data, and published the disturbing results in the American Journal of Health Economics. If a city had a team playing in the Super Bowl, its mortality rates due to influenza jumped. Based on data from 1974 through 2009, cities with teams in the Super Bowl saw 18 percent increases in influenza mortality for people over 65.

Now, I am not trying to tell you to cancel your football party this Sunday, but be aware that it is cold and flu season. A good suggestion would be to post signs at your party to remind guests to wash their hands and NO DOUBLE DIPPING.