I was recently reminiscing of a story about a trip to Las Vegas. I was teamed up with a friend who worked on the strip, and we decided to do the VIP experience and get table service at a popular night club. The music was obviously loud, but we didn't care as we had table service. What is table service? Basically, you pay to have a cocktail waitress bring you drinks. Well, this plan did not work out as well as we thought it would, as the night soon took a turn for the worse.

Being in the desert, I was trying to be a responsible drinker. I was trying to "kill 2 brain cells with one stone," and resorted to drinking Jameson Whiskey mixed simply with water. I figured hydrating while drinking would be my best bet. This is called a "whiskey ditch." Well, unfortunately, the waitress didn't quite understand what I was trying to order. Beside the fact that I was ordering in a loud nightclub. Our waitress misunderstood me and thought I was saying "WHISKEY B$%TCH!" Needless to say, she didn't react well, and slapped me, that was until her bartender informed her that I was simply ordering a drink.

Good news: I drank FREE the rest of the night.

Here are 3 examples of drinks you can only order by name in Montana.

  1. Whiskey Ditch (1-3 oz Whiskey in a 16oz glass of water)
  2. Red Beer (Surprisingly only popular in MT - 12oz light beer and aprx 3oz clamato)
  3. Happy Meal (16oz PBR accompanied by 2oz Jameson