Okay, so here I sit watching Duck Dynasty and the topic tonight..."Team Building".  Oh geez, I hate "Team Building".  It's mainly, well, it's mainly a few things.  Want to know more?

Every "Team Building" event that I've ever attended has ended up in the most awkward situations that I can ever remember.  Weird high fives, hand shakes and falling into someones arms.  Not to mention the really weird, all hands in..."Go Team So-An-So"!

Just the thought, makes me quiver in fear and embarrassment.  I'm all for building teams up, creating ties within a group and strengthening the ones that already exist.   It's the corny stuff that gets to me.  Big time.

Apparently the men on Duck Dynasty feel the same way.  Glad to know I'm normal, somewhat anyways.  Phew!  They finally convinced Willie to jump out of a tree while he was like a bazillion feet in the air by call him a chicken, scaredy cat and even a "Woman" ugh, dorks.   Holy crap!  That would never have worked on me!

I've seen teams that work together extremely well, so I know that they've got something special going on.  But my thought isn't that they did a "Team Building" class.  More like "Dang, they must go out drinking together"!

How do you feel about "Team Building"?  Or events where you are forced to interact in an area where you are completely awkward or unfamiliar?  Please, please comment below and let me know!!  I want to know if I'm the only "Freak" out there!