Apparently I am behind the times! The newest coffee shop in downtown Billings might have been open for a few months now but I just noticed it on Saturdya morning when I was at the farmers market. It's called Ebon Coffee Collective. It's located on 2nd Ave and 27th St (down a few business from 27th).

The shop is attached to an art gallery by an open air door. The accents are rustic looking wood and metal piping. The feel of the place is very fresh and homey and modern. I LOVE it. And my favorite part of all, your drink, even if it's to-go, comes in a mason jar with a lid that has a whole for a straw. The owners didn't want to be part of a ton of paper or plastic waste so they have found a way to combat that. Every time you bring back 10 of your mason jars you will get a free drink. So, all in all, they are reducing environmental waste and doing it in a very chic and trendy way. AWESOME!

I'm sure it won't take me long to collect 10 of them! They have amazing coffee and amazing chai tea latte's. Do yourself a favor and check them out!

Hour of business:
7am - 11pm Tuesday - Saturday
Limited hours on Sunday
Closed on Monday