UPDATE: Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke Hernandez has responded to the frightening incident in which a fan rushed the stage and knocked her over during a performance in Monterrey, Mexico on September 29.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the performer expressed her gratitude in that no one was seriously injured in the scuffle, but hinted at the more dangerous implications of these types of aggressive fan interactions.

"I am thankful that I or anyone else was not injured, as these incidents could have gone awry," Hernandez said. "I love the fans and appreciate their excitement and love for us, however, these situations could easily escalate in the wrong direction for us and the fans."

Despite everything, however, the singer shared that she is "fine" and "excited to continue performing [her] heart out on [the group's] 7/27 Tour," adding, "I love our fans!"

ORIGINAL POST (SEPTEMBER 30): Fifth Harmony member Ally Brooke Hernandez has had a rough week — as in, fans got physically rough with her in two separate occasions in Mexico, and both incidents were caught on video.

The "That's My Girl" group Monterrey, Mexico's Auditorio Banamex last night (September 29) when security failed to stop a stage crasher from bum-rushing his way toward Ally Brooke. What began as an attempt to dance with Ally turned into a forced embrace, and one he doubled down on as a security guard finally charged at him. To make matters worse, the man clung to Ally Brooke and wouldn't let go as he was dragged away, and she fell to the floor after losing her balance while recovering.

Ever the pro, Ally quickly recovered:

The incident came on the heels of another unfortunate encounter upon the group's arrival in Monterrey, when a fan lunged at Ally Brooke and, in another scuffle with security, tossed the small-statured singer about like a rag doll.

"Please be careful and gentle so nobody gets hurt," Ally Brooke tweeted afterward, in part of a longer statement. "That was scary."

While the advent of social media has helped give some fans the impression that their favorite star is accessible, or even their friend — Ally Brooke has won over followers with comical videos she's posted online. But artists have good reason to fear for their own safety when a stranger is invading their space. In June of 2016, singer Christina Grimmie was fatally shot in the head by a mentally ill fan at a meet and greet following an Orlando concert. Mexican-American pop icon Selena Quintanilla was shot to death by the president of her fan club, while both John Lennon and rock guitarist Dimebag Darrell were also killed by "fans" (onstage, in Darrell's case). Getting physical with your favorite celebrity without their consent puts both the fan and artist in peril.

Watch slow motion video of Ally Brooke's Monterrey airport run-in below.

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